Five cats. One house. A little bit of chaos. A lot of love.

Steve, our neighbor across the street, uses his leaf blower every day. Not sure why as they have maybe two trees, but I can count on him coming home from work and starting it up every day from spring until fall. One September afternoon in 2015, I was working in the front yard amid the […]

It’s New Year’s Eve, a perfect time for looking back and forward, all at once. Introductions are needed. I’ll begin with Scout today. In our current family of cats, she has the most seniority—five years living in our home. She arrived when Kobe, Bennie and Finnegan were still alive. Some of you reading this know […]

…in cat hell Welcome to Cats of Pigspittle. I’m not starting this blog because the world needs another cat blog. I’m starting it because I need some sanity. I’m starting it because for the first time in my cat-filled life, I’m in cat hell.  I grew up with cats. Lots of them. It started with […]